Romantic Evening At HomeThere is no greater feeling than seeing your better half in the whole new “avatar” of being romantic and a planner for a great surprise romantic evening for you. Quite a tough task for men but women does this job effortlessly. How important is to have such special romantic evenings?

I say, very important for a simple reason that everyone is so busy and caught with their own lives that they forget the very basic of a relationship i.e. Love and Romance. There is nothing wrong in romancing your life away. Do you have boring ordinary life? Are you the come-home-eat-dinner-watch-TV-and-sleep kind of couple? You need some serious tips to plan a romantic evening at home for your partner to boost your love and sex lives both.

Set a time or date

Take a sneak peak at your spouse’s diary. See if the evening has any important meetings or is it totally free for a nice romantic evening spent at home. You don’t want last minute change of plans. That’s a big turn off especially for the person taking so much effort to set up a lovely evening. Why keep it surprise? Let your spouse know what you have in mind for the evening. He/she might just help you in canceling an important meeting to spend some fun time together.

Knowing the plan before hand is helpful in keeping surprise guests or friends to visit and dampen the evening. Want to sound more romantic? Leave a note on your spouse’s towel or in his briefcase or Tiffin box reading “invitation for romantic evening at home, don’t be late”, your spouse is already in a hurry to leave work.

Set up the “romantic” area

First and foremost, decide where you want to spend your evening, as in, which part of your house. If its your living area, then decorate with aromatic candles giving it a very warm and cozy feeling, arrange flower bouquets, red roses and carnations look very sensual and perfect for a pleasant evening. Many couples love to spend time in the balcony which can be spiced up with few lamps and flowers set on the table. It is a great way to spend time in each other’s arms in the backdrop of the city.

Experiment with the knick knacks

The motive is to really surprise your partner with the few changes you do to your house to give it a new look. Change is good and especially when you are trying to relive special memories. The idea is not have a boring meal on the dining table and sleep on the same bed. Try to do something fun like arrange you dinner in the bedroom by setting up tables and chairs. If your room doesn’t have enough space, try doing it in some other corner apart from the dining table. Same way set up your entire evening in different rooms or on the terrace garden (keep in mind to keep the spectators away). Change the curtains, or shift furniture to give your house a makeover.

Build a perfect Ambience

Ambience plays a vital role in deciding how the rest of the evening will pass. Soft music in the background, candles lit and beautiful smelling room can stimulate the nerves of your partner letting him/her relax and ease through the evening. Wear your creative cap. Shower flower petals on the floor, make a heart (sounds cheesy but works), and have floating candles on a bowl. There is nothing more romantic than an evening spent only with your partner without the phones ringing, clients calling or any sort of disturbance. Send your children to your parent’s house or let them take a break at a friend’s place. An evening with the just the two of you is romantic in all ways.

Select the right Food

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you go to a party? “I hope the food is delicious”. Selecting the right food is very important to make the evening hassle free. Food is something one should never compromise with. Be safe, order from your partner’s favorite restaurant. A woman goes crazy when her man cooks up a great meal. For first timers, this may not be a great idea, stick to ordering food from outside. Lay the table in a stylish manner. Use clean and set up dining mats, napkins and cutlery. Feed each other, a great way to let your partner know he/she is special.

Stick to the basic

Sometimes, too much ideas or going overboard with the decorations can mess up the evening. Do you want that? Or do you want your partner to hug and tell how much the evening meant for them? Therefore, stick to the basic rules of planning a romantic evening. Until you really know how to cook, do not enter the kitchen. Keep everything clean. You don’t have to show all your creativity in just one evening. You will have plenty more opportunities if this one went right.

Feel high with mocktails/cocktails

Drinks with food is a must have for the perfect romantic evening with your partner. If your spouse loves wine then buy a good taste wine, if he/she is fond of mocktails, prepare drinks in advance like Virgin Mary, pineapple smoothies or juices. However, wine is by far the most romantic drink for the evening especially served with cheese and lip smacking Italian cuisine. Drink away the night! (Make sure the next day is a holiday; you don’t want to get a bad hangover on a working day)

Select the right clothes for the romantic evening

Since it’s at home, dressing up casually is more sensible. Usually, dinners at restaurants and hotels demand certain type of “ethic” that forces you to look well dressed all the time. Here’s the advantage, staying at home for a romantic evening with your partner lets you be who you are. Nonetheless, it is always good to look good and sexy for the “after-effects” of the romantic evening. (Sex, FYI)

Plan some fun activity

How about playing fun board games such as carom or snake & ladder? An activity helps both the partners to bond and participate actively. Watch a movie together or simply talk through the evening about anything but work. Keep the work and tension out of your house for sometime. Better yet, soak yourself in a hot water bath or give each other a relaxed massaged. This is really romantic and helps to rekindle the lost romance which is not possible in our daily lives.

Make a promise

Couples especially working partners, find it almost impossible to take out time. Once you actually have a romantic evening, promise yourself to pamper each other like this always and whenever possible. Buy a gift for your partner as a token of love; Promise you will never let the “romance” fly out of the window.


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