Things Woman Should Do With Her ManResearch shows that man think of sex after every 7 seconds. Wow, imagine if you read their brain map, all you find is sex. They are in the middle of a meeting discussing about a breakthrough product and whoop comes the thought of sex.

They are shopping with their spouse buying shirts for themselves and the thought of sex comes again. What is this sex thingie so adhesive to a man’s mind. Sex is not only about man and woman lying naked on bed. It is much more to what women think it is.

For men, sex is a form of art. Why do you think men discuss “oh she is the best sex partner i have” or “she is great in bed”. If sex was just mere sexual intercourse by a man then what role does a woman play? Why a man wants a great and experimental partner? This is because men think sex is the necessity of life and if added with a dash of spice, it is nothing like it.

Sex is an interactive process, a two way highway where a woman is as excited as a man. The sexual desires in both are somewhat similar. Therefore it becomes of great importance to come to a middle ground where both man and his woman are satisfied. Therefore let’s discuss 8 things a woman should do with his man.

Man wants his girl to make the first move

Sounds very chauvinistic, but yes, men do want their women to initiate to have sex. It is a myth that its always a guy who wants and should ask for a sexual interaction between him and her lady love. Why so? We are living in the 21st century where women have reached the moon, why cannot they ride high on a man asking him to make love to him like never before. A man is turned on the moment he knows that his woman wants sex.

Woman should be immaculate

Men live in fantasies, especially when sex is concerned. They always want their women to be one of the hottest bikini models from the Kingfisher calendar. It is not their fault, there are really sexy sirens out there inviting men to explore the unexplored. Coming to husband and wife, many times a woman may feel the pressure to look good, but that has nothing to do with a man’s problem. They want their woman sexy as Angelina Jolie and expect them to seduce the way she does Brad Pitt.

Appreciate his techniques

The man’s ego comes in the sex play. Every man wants to be praised about his love making techniques. This is about their prestige issue. Every man thinks he is best in bed, so women, if you want to share a wonderful and happy sex life with your partner, praise his moves. You don’t have to act, but seriously learn to appreciate how he touches you, how you feel when he kisses and how well he makes love to you.

Man hates when a woman is blunt

This is no-no for a woman. You cannot for heaven sake be rude to your man. like it or not, never say nasty things like “ this is the worst sex of my life” or “ do not ever kiss me like this”. These are one of the few statements that really hurt a man’s ego. A man never wants his girl to degrade or humiliate him in bed. Remember, they rule the bed unless they want to you to take over!

Wild wild sex

Every man dreams of having wildest sex, his inner sexual desires that sometimes can end a beautiful relationship. Hot sex, wild sex and innovative sex is expected from his girl. A nice hot shower when he comes back home followed by steamy sex in the bathtub is one of such examples a woman is expected to do. Man loves when women experiment. How about having sex in different fun positions? Insist him to come up with great positions, look up to Kamasutra for reference.

Men love surprises

A man walks in, sees his wife dressed in a sexy nightgown, inviting him to unravel the rest of the evening with her on the bed of roses (literally), and Candles lit, perfumed room and just the two of them. Wow, men love surprises. In fact it is one of the best things a woman can do to ignite the flame and get their sex life back on track.

Man loves a “whore” in his timid simple girl

Bring out the “whore” in you, not in a degrading sense but meaning every man loves to have sex, totally controlled by his woman. Bring out the dark side. Do some striptease, perform for him and see the glittery joy in his eyes. Plan a pole dance show for him just like the one he always wanted to visit in Bangkok or Vegas but you never let him. Transform from a simple to a sexy siren for your man.

Stay clean and hygienic

It is a turn off for any man seeing his lady love in the dirtiest of clothes and dirty private parts too. Keep that thing waxed. No sweat, no germs, only a hygienic and healthy sex. Same goes with the man too. It is very important to stay clean in your private parts to avoid any sort of acute infections.

Variety is the spice of life. Come up with great sex ideas. Read sex books with your partner to get more intimate and cozy. Women can do great things to a woman, but do it intelligently. You don’t want to turn your man off by going over board or doing something that will shock him than pleasantly surprise. A great sex life is a certificate for a happy and healthy relationship. Few simple ideas can change your world entirely. A man, who kept away form you or was a control freak, won’t mind unleashing you to have wild and fun sex. Take charge and enjoy the happiness you both share.


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