Reduce The Conflict And ResentmentLove brings peace to the couples, however, the lack of love results in conflicts, quarrels and blame games. As a result, there is no peace in the life of the couples. When there is no peace, there are destructions, dead-ends and separations.

While the couples plan to live together, they get married without perfection in their hearts. This results in hatred for one another and that affects everyone in the family including the children and the elder ones. So, what can you do? Is there a solution for this? Well, there are twelve things you can do to reduce the conflict and resentment.

Things To Reduce the Conflict and Resentment

We get married because we wish to live a life in fulfillment of love, peace and unity. However, many times, even after trying your best, you do not find perfection in your love life. There are conflicts and resentments that snatch away the peace within your hearts and family.

However, the main reason for the conflicts is lack of love and peace within your heart. Have you ever thought about the perfection within your heart? Is there a way that you may reduce the conflicts or completely stop them in your life? Well, the twelve things mentioned below can add some peace to your troubled life.

Do not be off-ended

If your partner hurts you knowingly or unknowingly, then, you do not have to be off-ended. When you are off-ended, you end the relationship of love and caring. Most of the times, the nature of your partner might seem to be rude, however, his or her heart within might be soft and caring.

Do not be off-ended

Since, it is not possible for everyone to express their feelings; we have to understand love from within the heart. If you are not off-ended at all, then, you are victorious in reducing the conflicts and the resentments.

Do not Blame

You might have an habit of blaming your partner for all the wrong things happening in your life. Well, this generally happens when you are not perfect and you know that. Your imperfection drives you towards blame games and those results in shame, conflicts and resentments. Your attitude of blaming your partner can be changed after you realize your mistake.

Realize your Mistake

Most of the conflicts are a result of imperfection and over confidence. When you know that you are the first one to do the mistake, you need to correct that instead of blaming your partner. Your partner might not even understand the reason for the conflicts. If you know your mistake, then, realize it and learn to change yourself to make a perfect match of love and peace with your partner.

Trusting your Partner

When you trust, you do not give any space for conflicts and resentments. Trust brings 100% unity amongst the partner, lovers and married couples.

Trusting your Partner

Infact, trust brings harmony in the world within your heart. So, trust your partner forgetting the fears of the world.

Love Never Fails

When your thoughts are matching, there is no need of arguments or quarrels. When your thoughts are different and not matching, you give ample space to the moments that you spend in arguments. When you love your partner, you do not argue at all. The reason for this is that your love never fails to give peace to you and your partner’s life.

Peace Within

Conflicts and resentments are the result of blame games. We blame others when we do not have peace within our heart. If you judge yourself, you will find that you are not happy with something in your own life. It might not be your partner’s fault, however, your peace is lost and you are not able to control it on your own. So, you are forcing the struggles and troubles of your heart on your partner.

Believe in Yourself

When you believe that your partner is correct all the time and you are wrong, then, you tend to keep quite all the time.

Believe in Yourself

This does not mean that your partner does not make mistakes, however, since you believe in yourself, the mistakes of your spouse become less important for you. As a result you do not force conflicts or resentments in your relationship.

Think Above Forgiving

It is not so easy to think above forgiving one another. However, when you learn to do that, you stop charging your partner for small or even big mistakes. Do not charge your partner for anything because you love your spouse. Love brings peace and it thinks above forgiving one another. When you do not charge your spouse with mistakes, you succeed in a complete peaceful life.

Think Good

Your thinking should be good and not evil. Evil thoughts result in conflicts and hatred for one another. When we know what is good and bad, we tend to move our thoughts towards love and goodness. When we love, we are good and when we do not love, we are not good.

Share Happiness

Reducing The Conflict & Resentment

When you are happy, you do not give attention to the arguments, isn’t it? Well, happiness always brings victory to you and your partner. You need to learn to be happy in your life and share it with your spouse.

Be Wise

If you are not wise to understand what your partner is thinking at the moment, then, you are lacking wisdom in your life. It might be possible that you have misunderstood your partner or are not satisfied with your over expectations from life. So, judge yourself and be wise enough to find out why you are lacking in receiving peace in your life.

Live Unconditionally

When you live unconditionally, you do not have a single conflict in your life. Your resentments are far away from you and you learn to live this life perfectly. You need to understand that when you live unconditionally, you are closer to your heart, your partner’s heart and God.

Finally, the above mentioned twelve things are the sign of your love for your life and your love with your partner. These things are difficult to follow, however, they teach you perfect love in order to reduce the conflict and resentment in your life. Try to follow them, they will make a perfect relationship for you.


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