When planning a wedding on a budget, one way to save money is to choose flowers that are in season. Flowers are cheaper and often easier to purchase while they are in season. June and the other summer months continue to be popular wedding date choices. Freesia, lilies, and English lavender are some flowers which make great summer wedding flowers because they are in season. Not only are flowers bought in season cheaper, but they are also fresher and more likely to be available. Because the flowers are fresher, they are sturdier and not as likely to brown or wilt. Summer flowers for weddings are versatile and can be used to achieve a classic, sophisticated style or to complement a playful and relaxed atmosphere.

Asters, daisies, and shasta daisies are among the choices for flowers for summer weddings. The classic rose is a commonly used summer flower for all wedding seasons. Iris, geraniums, Jacob’s ladder, delphinium, zinnias, larkspur, chrysanthemum, dahlias, and sunflowers are some summer flowers that can add vivid colors to wedding floral arrangements. English lavender, snapdragons, forget-me-nots, statice, and liatris flowers can add color and a touch of whimsical to wedding flower arrangements. Bells of Ireland flowers are unique green flowers that has bloom resembling bells. Solidaster and yarrow are two summer flowers that are used as filler flowers in flower arranging.

Hydrangeas are often used for white in wedding floral arrangements, but colored hydrangeas are also used for some designs. Queen Anne’s lace is a white wild flower that is very common in the United States. Though it may be part of an all white flower arrangement, the Queen Anne’s lace flower might be used to add white and interest to colored bouquets. Stock, stephanotis, and tuberose are some other summer flowers that may be part of white wedding floral arrangements. The extent to which flowers are used to decorate the wedding arena and reception varies greatly among couples. Some couples may have flowers bouquets decorating the seating at the wedding as well as large arrangements. Other couples may opt for little or no flowers at either the wedding or the reception. Centerpieces for each table at the reception often include flowers but not always.

The wedding bouquet is often important to the bride to be. There is an extremely large variety of options available even though most people may think of white roses as being the foundation of the classic wedding bouquet. Many women choose to have a touch of color in their bouquets as long as it doesn’t detract attention from the wedding dress. If a wedding planner or coordinator is used, the professional should be able to help the engaged couple decide the role that wedding flowers will play in the wedding decor. When deciding which flowers to use, the engaged couple or wedding coordinator often consider the colors used as the primary colors for the decor, the wedding party attire, and the style of the wedding. The wedding budget is often a factor to consider.


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