I think the answer to this question is an unequivocal yes, especially if you are planning a wedding on a budget.  How do you steal a wedding? You have to make sacrifices somewhere but they have to be little sacrifices. Obviously you want your wedding to be spectacular and unforgettable but I think that this can still be accomplished without wedding favors.  You can still steal a wedding and have it look elegant, classic, and a night to remember.

I know that wedding favors are a little something for the guests, however I think we can all agree that they very rarely ever leave the wedding and go home with the guests.  Although they can add a cute touch to the table, when they are gone, they will not be missed. I can’t remember a single wedding favor that I took of the table and said to myself, “hey, I’m going to use this useless piece of crap later on in my life.” Of course, I’m being dramatic and not all wedding favors are crap.

 Often they are really cute or elegant but honestly I would not notice if they were gone. I can’t imagine going to a wedding and saying, “can you believe they didn’t have any wedding favors?” Most guests do expect to be fed. They expect food for the effort of traveling, a good time, and sometimes some drinks. Most of all, they are there to see you get married.  What they probably aren’t there for is a silver frame monogrammed with your wedding date, a candle holder monogrammed with your wedding date, or a tin of mints. Monogrammed with your wedding date. While I would not condone skimping on food, your flowers, or your wedding dress, budget brides here is something we can say goodbye to without the guilt.

Still aren’t convinced no wedding favors is the way to go?  Check out these wedding favors for a steal. Just a few things to keep in mind:

turning_leaves_bookmarks200Try to pick out something that the guests can genuinely use later.  This will eliminate things with your wedding date monogrammed on it (obviously), your faces plastered on it, or anything that only appeals to a small group of people.  For instance, shot glasses or something I saw recently, which was wedding poker chip favors.

Pick something that ties into the theme of your wedding. For instance, if you are having an Asian theme, you could try these wooden chopsticks that can be used repeatedly after the wedding.  Having a fall wedding? These leaf bookmarks are useful, elegant, and a great price.

Keep in mind that if you are providing something for the guests such as flip flops for the dance floor or umbrellas during your outdoor ceremony, this counts as a favor.  Make sure to have a sign next to the basket of goodies, telling your guests to kick off their heels in exchange for the flip flops with your compliments. Not only does this save you some cash, but this provides your guest with some relief from the heat as well as something they can use later.


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