Popular bridal trends in these economic times are a far cry from the average trends from just 5 years ago. Brides today are sharing items from their weddings with friends, and have even been know to buy everything for their wedding from thrift stores and consignment shops.

Sharing items from your wedding, or borrowing items from your friends wedding, is no longer a symbol of saving money. More and more brides enjoy the fact that something from a dear and loved friend or family member is a part of their special day. This brings the day that much closer to their heart, and will leave a forever lasting memory for both of them. It used to just be tradition for the bride to maybe borrow their dress from their mom or aunt, but now friends are sharing even their bridal gowns. In the past bridesmaids dresses made the “pass around” from friends wedding to friends wedding, but many brides these days do not mind to borrow a friend’s bridal gown either.

It adds a new element to the wedding day, the element of sharing a life changing event between friends and family. Fun ways to capture the moment are being done too. Friends are bringing photos of those who used the dress previously and putting them in wedding albums to show the “travel” of the dress, and how much it has been a huge part of the happiness in both couple’s lives. What better way can you spend the beginning of a new life then by sharing it with both your close friends and family?

Brides have also been shopping more thrift stores for good, used gowns in excellent condition. More and more family members are helping in the search, to find that perfect gently used and loved dress from a past wedding. Although this alternative takes more time, then the average dress shopping does, this can be fun and a great time for brides to get together with their friends and family to find the dress that suits their needs. Several consignments shops have full sections dedicated to bridal attire, and because of the push to save as much money as possible several new consignment shops are opening that provide just consignment wedding items.

This up and coming trend has come and gone and is not back again, and should be around to stay for a while. Brides are shopping more and more these days to find the best bargains for their wedding dollars, and love to get away with a great bargain here and there. Some of these shops even have a small section of new items, and sometimes networked with other individuals nationwide and can often find an item for you if they are willing to go above and beyond for your business. Everything from wedding dresses to silk wedding flowers are being recycled with love, and can save the brides hundreds if not thousands of wedding dollars. Shopping online has also become more popular and buying directly from manufacturing, these have all been proven to save brides the money if they have the time


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