Money saving tip: you can find back issues of wedding magazines at the library for free and probably a few of these wedding books too.

Don’t have months to sift through the hundreds of wedding books and wedding magazines out there? Here are my absolute favorite bridal books and magazines that you will want to check out!

While I’ll be the first to complain that most of the wedding magazines are 90% advertisements and only 10% articles, I find the advertisements inspirational and get many ideas for my do it yourself projects from them. Bridal Guide is now a new favorite among many, and I agree that this one is great in comparison to the old standards. The Bridal Guide doesn’t assume you are planning a $30,000 wedding so it is actually useful! If project ideas are what you want, Martha Stewart Weddings is by far the best magazine for this. Don’t take the wedding porn (what I call wedding magazines) too seriously though, you’ll just stress out! They are for ideas, not to be used as guides.

The Artful Bride wedding books are excellent for project ideas, although some say they missed the boat on the one on wedding favors. I agree that the first two books are definitely more unique and edgy, but the third is still packed with great ideas.

The Conscious Bride’s Wedding Planner is unlike any other wedding planning book in that it doesn’t focus on having the perfect wedding, it focuses on having the perfect wedding for you. It addresses emotions that will be going on during your wedding planning—even a small gathering can be very stressful! The main thing I like about it though is that it doesn’t focus on the perfection of flowers or the perfection of how to address an envelope, the book is aware that the actual marriage is actually the most important thing.

For invitation and favor ideas I suggest the wedding book Wedding Papercrafts because it has over 50 great projects. For flowers I recommend Creative Wedding Florals You Can Make because of the excellent instructions. You won’t find modern, edgy designs (they are all more traditional) but you WILL get the info and basics you need to know to then design your own.

Have fun with your wedding magazines and wedding books! Remember, glean ideas but don’t let them stress you out.


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