Reasons Why Do Men Pull Away From You Facing a relationship crisis? Is your man suddenly turning cold towards you? Don’t know why he is pulling away for no reason? These are some of the questions that a lot of women might be facing. Researches show that in at least 6 out of 10 relationships, men often tend to suddenly move backwards for no definite reason. If you really want to know what’s going on in his mind and what can be the possible reasons he is trying to stay away then here is a simple love guide to help you out. The itinerary will list down the 7 top most causes for the same and help you answer a lot of your questions without any complications. So clear this confusion now as to why has he suddenly lost interest in you-

7 Reasons Why Men Pull Away From You

When they Want to Stay Alone

A lot of times the reason why men start behaving in a cold manner is because they want some time alone with themselves. They try to create some space and in the long run starts pulling away from you. However, this reason is solely individualistic and has no connection with you whatsoever. It is suggested that you give them their own sweet time to analyze the situation after which they will definitely fall back into place.

When he Has his Own set of Problems to Deal With

Men also tend to pull away from their closed ones especially the girl they like when they have a lot of their own problems to sort out. When they see no way or solutions to the day to day challenges it puts a lot of emotional stress on them. This result in what you just didn’t expect to happen- hid cold behavior.

When he Feels he Failed Everything

When a guy feels like a loser and a complete failure it can a lot of times lead him to cut down with all around him even his close ones. Also, men don’t like talking about this to the woman they love or care about. When he fails to accomplish what he wants in life, he even feels he can fail to keep the woman of his dreams happy.

When he Loses Interest in the Relation

One of the most important factors that can definitely result in men pulling away from you is because they might not be interested in the whole setting anymore. Also, this is the worst reason you can come across. The incompatibility can be one of the problems which lead to such a crisis. Doubts of future and commitment can also be some of the causes for the same. This distances him from you.

When he can’t Live up to your Expectations

When the guy feels you are asking too much and he is too much pressurized with the demands that he can’t handle it, he tends to break away by behaving cold. Unrealistic expectations create such situations which should be avoided by you.

When he feels How Important his Privacy Is

This generally happens when you try to interfere too much into his life. This makes him lose the touch with his private life and create unnecessary boundaries which he starts hating. To get back his personal life and a feeling of self, he will pull away from you.

When he is Afraid

A lot of times when the man has had a bad relationship in the past or may be because he is commitment phobic he tends to make a distance between him and you. However, this is one reason that can be healed with time.


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