Many styles and designs catch our fancy, and if you are bride-to-be on wedding planning mode, then you probably have a faint idea of how your wedding is going to be. Whether it’s the wedding invitations to the wedding decor, and more importantly your wedding dress, these are things that are floating around in your head. There are some great trends that makes for a great splash, and best done when you put it to use with your own touch of magic. By adding your personality, you make it truly yours and each element will bring you great joy as you take that first step down the aisle and all that beauty looks back at you and you can breathe easy and prepare yourself for the best day of your life – your wedding day.

The Right Shade of Pink

Most women love the colour pink, while otherwise are quite opposed to it, but even so, there are some shade and tone variations that can a believer out of them too. It’s all about the selection process. The pink that usually sticks in your mind might be the Barbie pink, which is bright and definitely colourful. However, this beautiful colour is not limited to it. These colours can be derived by being inspired by so many things around us, like flowers and much more. A lovely soothing shade of pink would be the Tamarisk flower pink. There’s also champagne pink which is the most diluted shade available and goes well with weddings with a theme of champagne and gold. Other colours include deep pink, pink lace, Cherry Blossom pink, coral pink, ruby pink, and salmon pink. Out of these shades, you can make a judgment of which pink goes best with your liking by doing a side-by-side comparison.

The Shimmer Effect

What is meant by shimmer would be the sparkle element inspired by a metal that could be used to accentuate a feature of your wedding, whether it’s the wedding invitations or the decor you have in mind, or even the attire. Adding a touch of gold or silver goes a long way, and like so it can add to your colour theme and your wedding too. But those are not your only choices. You could of for opal, bronze, diamonds and the list goes on. However, the point would be to pair the colour pink with an item that shimmers and depending on your choice, you may take a pick.

Pink Wedding Invitations

With pink shades and the choice of shimmer, you will be left with some great options to choose from. Make sure you like what you see by putting shades of pink with the shimmer elements and see which one suits your liking and tastes. With a right touches of shimmer whether it’s from a foil print or even sparkle or glitter, your beautiful wedding invitation will take flight, and your wedding day stationery too.


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