Every girl who has ever wanted to be married to her prince charming wants her wedding day to be the best day ever. Leaving an impression on all her guests is something she has dreamed off, and you can start with your wedding invitations. With new trends that are popping up, you can create an ever-lasting impression of your big day with some great tips and tricks on getting the best out of your wedding invitation and stationery and continuing that on with the wedding day decor elements and everything else that goes into a magical wedding.

Go Big With Typography and Fonts

The norm used to be how elegant and concise your wedding invitations would be, but nowadays, the choice of typography or font, and how you present it in the given space of your invite paper is what makes the statement. Go big with flourishes, script typed fonts, and ornate calligraphy for a lasting impression as soon as your guests open their envelopes.

Embossing and Foil Styles on Stationery

Adding an extra touch is always a great idea, whether it’s with a ribbon, some embellishments or even the likes of adding pearl beads. However, embossing and foil printing are great and classic touches that are still in trend today because it adds to the beauty that should be, delicate such as the embossing and glistening like the foil printing. Opt to have these styles included in your wedding invitations and stationery, even in a simple way.

Summery and Bright Colours for Your Wedding Invites

Summer in the lower hemisphere is approaching, and it is time to bring out the colour. Go crazy with your choice of yellow tones, from marigold, sunflower, lemon, canary, and more. Add a touch of the colour through the font, or let it flow with patterns, design, and even coloured backgrounds for that pop of colour that we all need.

Neon Accents, Envelope Liners, and Die Cutting

Your wedding invitation and stationery can stand out from the rest out there in also other ways. Those include the likes of adding neon accents, envelope liners and using die cutting methods in different styles and shapes whether it is the card itself or even the envelopes or sleeves you opt to use. There are not many designs out there that use neon accents, but that does not mean you cannot opt for it, for your own personalised wedding invitation that comes with neon highlights. You could even DIY in the accents with neon pens. As for the liners for your envelopes, it is not difficult to include the liners in once printed and adding them into the sleeve before you send them out. Die cutting on the other hand can be done professionally and even by hand provided you have the right equipment and you are safe when handling them. These great and trendy ideas are bound to amaze your invitees and leave a lasting impression. Find out what you can do differently with these ideas for your own spectacular wedding day invitations and stationery.


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