Long Term Teenage Relationship ProblemsThe teenagers who are not quite matured expect long term relationships. They are not even aware of the real meaning of love and relationship. The growing age of the children and the natural emotions that arise in the life of the teenagers make them emotional towards love, romance, friendship and long term relationships. Thus, many teenage relationship problems arise in the modern days resulting in various destructions.

Long Term Teenage Relationship Problems

Teenage is the beginning of all the emotions related to intimacy and attachments. Some children are quite sensitive towards the relationships. They are emotionally attached to their parents, friends, teachers and opposite sex. Such teenagers try to make long term relationships without knowing about how to handle them and maintain them. Generally, the teenagers fail in making these relations. As a result, the long term teenage relationship problems make life worst for them and their parents.

Emotional Attachment

Teens are known to be attached and attracted to the opposite sex. The natural process of the hormonal changes in the body of the teens makes them emotional, romantic and always attracted towards the beauty and the glamorous life. The teens spend most of their time in dreaming about their future with the people whom they love. They think more about relationships, attachments, love and romantic life. Due to this, many teens neglect their career life resulting in a bad future for them.

Teenagers are Overconfident

Teenagers do not listen or obey the elders. Most of the times, they are over confident about their long term relationships. They do not seek any support from the elders and parents due to the passion of love within their hearts. The hearts of the teenagers are more romantic as compared to others in the world. The teen age always dreams of doing extra ordinary things in their life.

Teenage Relationships Facts

  • When it comes to meeting there partners, this offline.
  • Texting is  the common way for teens to interact with their partner.

Teenage Relationship Problems

They give more importance to their romantic life as compared to the real life. The teenagers dream a lot and for them their dream life is true. As a result, they fail to understand and respect the words of their parents who care for them.

Teenage Failures

Many teenagers fail in their long term relationships giving rise to many mental and physical problems in their life. They trust in vain and get very bad results of that. The simple way of living life for the teenagers is to do or die. This means that when they fail in doing it they think of dying.

Thus, when the teenagers fail, they commit suicide easily. Many teenagers become victim of alcoholism and drug addiction. They tend to leave their parents and get lost in the world of loneliness. As a result, many teenage failures have become a matter of worries for the society. The social life of these teens is never good and respectable. Infact, they do not understand the meaning and importance of being socially fit.

Life more than Friendship

Many teens expect their life to be more than friendship. As a result, they take more interest in the physical relationships. Teenage pregnancies are a result of the physical intimacy amongst the teenagers. Teenage girls suffer a lot mentally and physically since they are not ready for the pregnancy at the young age.

The result of expecting a long term teenage relationship brings trouble and shame for the teenager as well as her parents. On the other side, the teenager boys tend to lose their concentration in the making of their health and their career.

Troubles to the Parents

Parents of the teenagers who are into long term relationship problems also suffer because they really cannot handle the emotions of their children. Parents worry a lot about the future of their teenagers. The teenagers tend to be more adamant in their decisions and do not respect their parents.

relationship problems in teens

Some parents forsake their children because they cannot bear the shame because of the long term relationship problems generated by their children. Many parents get troubled to great extent and lose their health and mental balance too.

Teenage Addictions

Failures in the long term relationships may result in alcohol and drug additions in the teenagers. The problems in the long term relationships can isolate the teenagers to submit themselves to addictions to forget the pain of their deep emotions. Many love affairs result in failures giving deep emotional shocks to the tender feelings of the teens.

As a result, the teens automatically get attracted towards the addictions in order to forget the pain of the failure. Many teens try to gather sympathy in the form of drinking, smoking and drug addiction. It can be termed as one of the mental sickness in the life of the teens.

Teenage Suicides

Quite often, the teens tend to commit suicide as soon as something goes wrong in their relationship. The give hope soon and do not have the courage to believe in patience. Teens are less patient as compared to the elders because of their limited experience about their life. The suicidal attempts and the suicide cases in the life of the teens are more because they cannot bear the strength to understand the reality of the life.

The teens believe in their own imaginations, their own imaginary relationships and think that it will work for a long term. Since the teenagers do not consider all the possibilities of living this life, they tend to submit themselves to the dead end.

Teenagers need Moral Support

Many teenagers lack moral support because their parents do not give much time to them. The working parents are busy with earning money, their business, their reputations and their personal life too. As a result, the teens seek attention to be loved by someone. When the teenagers do not get enough love and caring from their parents, they expect more from their friends and opposite sex.

We cannot blame the teenagers for their failures in their love life because they are not disciplined and nurtured by their parents accordingly. Many parents do not think it right to talk to their teenagers. However, teenagers need moral support of the parents all the time.

When we see the other side of the long term teenage relationship problems, we understand that when the parent lack in correct methods of teenage parenting, the teenagers suffer due to that. We all should know that the parents of the teenagers can easily take control of the overflowing emotions of their teen boys and girls.


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