We are greatly influenced by what we see in pop culture, media, literature, cultures and of course, trends. There are some of us who has a definite style whilst others are still searching for theirs. When it comes to weddings, this is the truth as well. When deciding on your wedding invitations, you will look to those influences to guide you to your design, style, and theme if you haven’t figured out your wedding look already. If you are looking to be unique and out-of-the-box, considering the likes of intricate wedding invitation designs inspired by a mish-mash of those influences would be a great idea to move away from the norms of fixed colours, contrasts and designs such as stripes and so on. Mixing things up has never more exciting than now, with various inspirations and influences taking over the wedding industry and making a hit wave, especially with celebrities taking notes and wedding magazines and blogs making it known to the world.

There are some great designs that involve intricate styles influenced by different regions of the world and their cultures. Indian, Japanese, Moroccan, Arabic, Malaysian, and other Asian countries that are enriched with cultural influences embodied in art, design, and style. When it comes to these types of design, some things you should look out for would be colour(s), lines ad curves of the intricate designs been used as well as shapes, and of course the layouts of the intricate designs, as such wedding invitation trends involve using white or free space to create a great balance of design and style. The wedding invitation designs can be inspired by a number of things that relate to these cultures, the countries and even their religion, landmarks, and attractions. When it comes to Indian inspired wedding invites, you may find designs that relate to the wedding processions and various artwork related to it, not forgetting even designs seen at temples and so forth.

For example, the Mandala design, is a circular design with its name originating from Sanskrit that has spiritual significance in Hinduism as well as Buddhism. The design in itself includes a circular design with multi-coloured sub-designs within it. It can sometimes include floral accents, flourishes and even a sun design, and colours can range from reds, oranges, and yellows to blues, purples and even greens in terms of popular choices. Similarly, you may see many nature inspired designs infused with intricate detailing in warm and earthy tones that are from this genre of wedding invitation designs. This great trend lets you stand out from the rest and gives you beautiful choices of designs that will awe your invitees as they open up the envelope to see your beautiful intricate wedding invitation. Look around for them or even meet with a invitation designer to create your very own unique design in your own colour scheme as well.


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