One day, I was on a radio show when a young lady called me and asked what she should do about her boyfriend. I asked her what she meant. She said she was unsure if she should break up with her boyfriend or continue to be serious and wanted to get married.

“Well, most people love one another and think about marriage,” I replied. It isn’t for you and him. These are the reasons.

She began to hesitate before she said, “Well… “There are certain things that I wish were different.”

“That’s quite normal. “No one person can have everything,” I thought, wondering if she was a bit picky. “What are the important things?”

“He just doesn’t pay enough attention to our relationship. I’m constantly pushing for more time together or discussing what we need. His hobbies and friends are more important than mine. Sometimes, he plays basketball without calling and then later comes back and says everything will be fine.

“Also, he claims he shares my values regarding physical limits but pushes me to have sex. I don’t want it, but I keep having the urge to say no. I have to advocate for a spiritual lifestyle. … I wish he were more interested in spiritual matters and growing.

I replied, “Wow!” “That’s a lot of concern. What’s your question?

She wanted to know if she should end the relationship with him or move forward toward getting married.

I asked, “What have they tried to do about this?”

She replied, “I have spoken to him many times.” “I told him that I wanted to feel more important to her and that I wanted us to have a spiritual and physical life together.

I said to her, “That’s pretty great.” “And what did it happen?”

He says, “He understands.” He agreed with me and wanted the same things as I did. She is a perfect guy,” she stated with a slight drop in her voice. “But then, nothing changes. “I still feel like I’m always trying to improve things.”

“Okay, question. “Okay, question. You are not even considering getting serious with him. He doesn’t want to be what you want, so why not continue down the road?

It was the moment that showed what young women are most passionate about. She said, “Because he loves me.”

How can you avoid this type of pain in your dating relationships? Let’s take a look at the most common “date disorders” which can lead to women going places they don’t like.


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