Is it possible to spot a happy relationship? Although no one can know the truth about a couple’s relationship, decades of scientific research on love, sex, and relationships have shown that a few behaviours can help predict if they are on solid ground or heading for trouble. Good relationships don’t happen overnight. It takes effort, commitment, compromise, forgiveness, and most importantly, effort.

Love and Romance

The hardest part is falling in love. It is easy to fall in love. The hard part is to keep the flames alive and cultivate the trusting, mature love essential for a long-lasting relationship.

Which is your love style?

What does it mean to say “I love You”?

Terry Hat off is a California State University sociology who has developed a love scale that identifies six types of love in the closest relationships.

  • Romantic: Based upon passion and sexual attitudinal attraction
  • Best Friends: Fondness, deep affection
  • Logical Practical emotions based on shared values and financial goals.
  • Playful –Feelings that are evoked through flirtation or feeling challenged

Research has shown that love is often a mixture of several or more forms of love. Of course, people can have different definitions of love. A man and a woman have dinner. The waiter flirts and hugs the woman while the husband listens. 

Reignite Romance

Romantic love is often called a “natural addiction” Because it activates the brain’s reward centre, particularly the dopamine pathways associated with gambling, drug addiction and alcohol abuse. These same pathways are associated with novelty, energy, learning, motivation, motivation, ecstasy, and focus. 

Aron is a relationship researcher and psychology professor. He directs the Interpersonal Relationships Laboratory at the State University of New York Stony Brook. The brain’s reward system is activated by new experiences, which flood it with exciting experiences. Dopamine Norepinephrine and norepinephrine.  

Diagnose Your Passion Level

A psychologist, suggested that early love is more important than later. Love is passionate early on. This means that we feel an intense longing for our partner. Long-term relationships can develop “companionate” love, an intense affection and strong feelings that commit and are intimate.

Which place does your relationship fall on the love spectrum? The Passionate Love Scale, The University of Hawaii’s (a psychologist and sociology professor at Illinois State University), can help you assess the passion level in your relationship. 

What amount of sex are you having?

Let’s begin with the good news. Couples who are committed have more sex than others. It’s unbelievable, don’t you think? Singles can tell you stories of bizarre sexual experiences, but remember that even singles go through dry spells.

But who’s counting?

Although most people don’t talk about their sex lives, we know a lot about their habits of people. These data are compiled from many sources, including the General Social Survey, which tracks behaviour in the United States, and International Social Survey Programme, a similar study that collects data from around the world. 

Here’s what we know about sex based on this research:

  • About 5 percent of people have sex at most three times per week.
  • In their 20s, people have had sex more often than 80 times per annum.
  • In their 40s, people have had sex 60 times per year.
  • After age 65, the rate of sexual activity drops to 20 per year.
  • After 25 years of age, sexual frequency declines Annually by 3.2 percent.
  • “Very Happy” couples have sex an average of 74 times yearly.
  • Single people younger than 30 have sex an average of 69 times per year, while married people older than 30 have sex an average of 112 times per year.
  • Single people in their 40s sex 50 more times per year than married people in their 40s.

It’s important to start early and often

Having a lot of sex early on in a relationship is a great way to ensure your sex life remains strong. However, this decrease in sex seems to be related to how much sex they had when they married. Here is a comparison of the frequency of married sex between the first and 10th years.

Why is sex declining in marriage? Many factors can cause sex decline in marriages. 

No-Sex Marriage

Why do some couples succeed while others fail? Social scientists are looking at no-sex marriages to discover what could go wrong in relationships.

According to estimates, 15% of married couples haven’t had sex in the past six months or one year. Some sexless marriages began with very little sex. Some sexless couples report that childbirth or an affair caused a slowing down and eventual cessation of sex.  

These are the steps that therapists recommend for a happy, sexy marriage in the bedroom.

  1. Talk to one another about your dreams.
  2. Enjoy your time together and share new experiences that will remind you why you fell in love.
  3. Hold hands. Touch. Hug.
  4. Even if you don’t want to, have sex. Many couples find that forcing themselves to have sex is a good idea. Soon, it does not work, and they feel they enjoy it. Your body will respond with brain chemicals and other changes that can help.

There is no right or wrong amount of sex in marriage. The amount that makes both of you happy is the right amount.

The Prescription for a More Sexy Life

Getting your sex life back on track can be difficult if it has fallen apart. It is simple but not difficult for most couples to start talking about sex.

  • Could you do it? Have sex even when you are not feeling the mood. The body responds to sexual activity by triggering chemical and hormonal responses. Even if you aren’t in the mood for it, you can still have sex.
  • Make it a priority to have sex. While partners may say they are too busy to have sex, the truth is that busy people often find the time to have an affair. It is good for your relationship if you have sex. Make it a priority.
  • Talk to your partner. Find out what they want. Surprisingly this is the most difficult thing for couples to do when trying to restart their sex lives.

These two steps are obvious, but let’s explore the third: having sex with your partner. One of the most important figures in relationship science  from the University of Hawaii. 


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