I once understand writing the results of a review in a most important woman’s periodical that supposed the number 1 the majority good-looking quality in a man was self-assurance. Not conceit, confidence. It take some time to go under in as to what this actually destined. Did it denote grab the girl in matinee idol pose and whisk her backwards at the same time as I kissed those juicy lips of hers? Did it mean rotating into a caveman never taking no intended for an answer? Did it denote turning up at the entrance of the girl after that door and whisk her off to Paris for the weekend, although we had barely spoken? What did they denote by self-assurance? The mission was on it discover out.

each woman I have ask will answer in a dissimilar vein so the reply isn’t all things to all men. self-assurance, it appear, is in the eye of the beholder. Even worse, self-assurance can with no trouble be misconstrue so one has to walk cautiously. The tip is not self-assurance itself, but its easier to describe by its conflicting fear. Fear in men is not good-looking. Fear define a man as not meaningful his own value, missing a emotion of self worth, not life form sure of his ability, lacking in attendance and strength of mind. This I may add is extremely different from justified fear that we all countenance.

Okay, back to self-assurance. Men are good-looking when they are sure said one friend. one more told me, “ooh a sure man makes me go feeble at the knee”. So I pushed them additional. A sure man it seems is one who carries with him a self-assuredness that is the majority definitely not conceit. It is a condition where a man feel sure of himself and his ability, knows what he is concerning knows himself intended for what he be able to do,, what he may exist able to do, what he may be unsuccessful at but does not terror to attempt A sure man is in control of his fate, his future, his vocation, his day. And to a lot of women that is extremely attractive.

following all, a woman is look for a partner, one who will not merely match by means of her spiritually and bodily, but someone who can force her onwards, an important person who has goal and energy, someone who can go by hi self certainty on to her. A man who is sure is sexy because he is at ease with himself, he is in manage and he is clever to make decision, good decisions. He is sure in the choices he makes and in choose you (maybe really you chosen him), he passes this emotion of being particular on to you. Being chosen by the right man can exist very sexy certainly.


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